Who am I?

My name is Joaquín Juliá Salmerón, Spanish chartered psychologist CV-11008.

During my teenage years I was educated between England where I have lived nearly 7 years and Spain. Later on I graduated at the English Open University obtaining a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Psychology degree at the Spanish UNED. I studied my Masters degree in clinical psychology in Valencia.

I returned to Spain to work as a University teacher after working a few years for the NHS and some private mental health institutions.

I have been always searching for the most avantgarde therapeutic techniques to improve my own health and my patient´s. I have undertaken many and different approaches, trainings and methodologies. With an open and curious mind , I have incorporated all those that I considered to be useful. Pyschology is not an exact science. There are many conscious and subconscious factors taking place. Thus, the difficulty in finding one method that works for everyone. My motto is to adapt to the patient´s needs instead the other way round. The tool box must be wide enough to offer a customized, versatile and flexible service.


They stand for Inner Transformation Programme ( P.T.I. in Spanish). It consists of 5 levels. You decide how deep you want to go. It is very practical and applicable to your everyday life. As any other training, you are required to show some level of commitment. It won´t take much of your day but you will need your active involvement to see the desired results. Just like going to the gym: you need to invest some time and energy to get fit. This can be your mental fitness programme if you feel so. It is adapted for both online and onsite sessions.

Level 1:

Assessment and holistic diagnosis. Physical, mental/emotional, nutritional, life style, environmental, relationships or energetic aspects can be identified through a series of graphics which indicate the most relevant ones to focus on.

Level 2:

Mental/emotional reprogramming. Thanks to the neuroscience, we can develop and speed up new learnings to respond in a more reflexive and balanced way. At this stage, we also heal past painful memories.

Level 3:

Self-management techniques for our everyday life: Here we learn and develop new habits for a better mental hygiene. Our happiness does not depend on the external situations but the quality of thoughts we have. At this phase, we connect with our ideal future version, projecting a new self based on our true values and deep desires.

Level 4:

Energy field self- care. Have you ever ended up drained after visiting a crowded shopping centre or talking to someone? Probably there was an interference in your electromagnetic field. It is as important as your physical field and we must look after it to feel in equilibrium with the rest of yourself.

Level 5:

The trascedent path. Here you can deepen in existential and even spiritual questions. As Plato wrote, most of us live in ignorance of who we really are and are used to perceiving reality without questionning it. If you are searching for the Light outside the cave, transpersonal psychology can accompany you in your journey back to the Being.

I can offer you warm and reliable judge-free space where you can be yourself, taking off the energy-consuming masks.

This programme is for anyone seeking a change in life and cannot find the way to achieve it.








* Conditions: The amount will need to be payed as a whole. There will be no refund for unused sessions from the pack but they can be transferred to  someone else interested.


I have four main speciality areas. Even if your situation does not match with the ones listed below, please feel free to send me your query. After the assessment I can guide you with the best possible solution.


They usually come together. With  excessive anxiety levels, depression shows up to cool down our neural circuits. One of our current epidemics is the excess of unproductive thinking. Depression is thus an allie to avoid further neural circuit overheating.

Couple therapy:

Depending on how you manage it, your relationship can be a source of conflict or satisfaction. Most of the conflicts come from an inadequate style of coomunication.


Thanks to the Hypnosis Gastric Band, we carry out a virtual operation where we can induce an early satiation signal. In this way the stomach gets full sooner , causing a gradual weight loss. It comes with behavioural changes and new eating habits. Following a diet is not required.

Tobacco cessation:

If the right moment has come for you to give up smoking, clinical hypnosis along with other techniques can help you achieve your aim.

The methodology in itself is very important. However in my professional career I have found there are 2 key factors to create this change: On one side, a trustful and solid therapeutic relationship. On the other hand, a firm commitment from the patient to catalyze the change. This triad: right methodology, harmonious link and strong will for change, facilitates and speeds up the whole process.

Would you like to make this change you are longing for? I can help you achieve it.

Books published

I have 2 books published in Spanish.

Todo es perfecto (All is perfect).

It describes the 5 main skills in Emotional Intelligence: self awareness, emotional management, self motivation, social skills and relationship management.

The book, however, goes one step forward and explores ancient teachings like Advaita. It exposes the contrast between living life from the inferior self called ego and the Higher self called Essence. It provides practical exercises to cultivate this approach to all those interested in their spiritual growth.

La búsqueda de Sara (Sara’search)

Sara is a young girl in Madrid who does not fit in the world. She questions the bases of the society she is living in. She wants to start a new life but she doesn´t know how.  A series of setbacks in her life impulse her to make a drastic turn: She moves to Mexico following a job offer and scape from her dull life.

There, Sara will try to answer her deepest questions so as to free herself from our imprisoned status that our ego mind entails. This novel is partially based on true events lived by myself and other people.


Very grateful to Joaquín. He was always available when I needed him the most.Right from the beginning I felt understood and accompannied with his open attitude. From the start, his aim was to give me tools for me to be self – sufficient when managing my own emotions. Sessions were set up depending on the therapeutic needs, and not on the monetary interest. Here I learned useful and lasting techniques that I still use when I need to claim back my inner balance. I am very grateful to Joaquín for all this who works in a very human level and still being a great professional.
S. C.( Alicante)
“I came across Dr. Joaquin Juliá Salmerón when I was extremely anxious, in pain and full of panic attacks. Just after one session with Dr.Joaquin, I felt like a newborn, I immediately felt much better and more peaceful, at peace with my painful memories and keen to build new, more positive memories. Most importantly, sessions with Dr. Joaquin are full of trust and privacy, which led me to share my biggest and most private trauma that I never thought I could share with anyone. My trauma got healed immediately, just within one session thanks to Dr. Joaquin’s unique and extremely effective techniques. At sessions with Dr. Joaquin, I particularly enjoy being able to talk about my traumas, feelings, worries without being judged, once again I am impressed with Dr. Joaquin’s professional approach towards his patients. If I was told that one day there will be nothing left from my traumas and I will be at peace, I would say it is impossible, but Dr. Joaquin made the impossible possible for me, I lead a much more peaceful and happy life now. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Joaquin, I feel blessed to have met such an incredible professional like him.”
A. T ( London)
The talk, sale and promotion of the book has been a very enriching and captivating experience, not leaving you indifferent at all. I finished listening to the talk with the idea of buying the book and incorporating it in my daily life. Thank you for the opportunity.
Elizabeth H.

I worked with Joaquin while I was dealing with extreme grief and depression after my mom passed away. He was compassionate and kind and employed many different techniques to help me learn to accept and move through the pain. He also provides tools that you can use on your own. I highly recommend Joaquin as a psychologist. He truly cares about his patients and empowers them to thrive.

K. B (California. USA)
If you are looking for a psychologist, stop searching. Joaquín is a great professional with a great range of therapeutic tools. It doesn´t matter what problem you have. You will be able to find yourself again with him in a confortable and safe place. His support, peace and empathy create a warm environment in which you can improve and end many of the issues you still have to resolve. Thanks again Joaquín!
I. S. (Alicante)

“I have met Dr.Joaquin Julia Salmeron at my hardest time, Dr. Joaquin’s unique techniques, professional attitude and most importantly personality that gives trust helped me to recover from the traumas that were over 20 years old. Thanks to Dr.Joaquin I have managed to heal and start my life from the scratch and from a positive point of view. I am forever grateful to Dr.Joaquin”.

F. T. ( Azerbayán)


If you need more information about our services, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.